Inmates Should Form a Union

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Inmates should form a union.

Say that line and all manner of objections will arise. “Criminals should not say how they will live their punishment.” “This is a terrible idea – Guards and staff are in charge of the prison, not a bunch of illiterate scum bags.” On and on.

Stop a minute. Think of the idea. Recall the famous line: “Everything that rises, must converge.” It’s the title of the book Flannery O’Connor was working on when she died. But it has a philosophical meaning also – people or a group of people who rise up will converge or meet with the very people who opposed them. If a group of convicts struggle to change the rules they live under, they may or may not succeed. But they will learn what the staff, the guards, are like and they will come to respect them, even if they don’t agree…

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“The media has defined her. She is not that person, this is not her story.” (Eleanor Pam on WABC radio)

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Eleanor Pam appeared on Pat Kiernan and Rita Cosby’s WABC News Talk Radio program, The Ride Home, this evening to talk about the two significant recent developments: the CAPTIVATED movie, and that “the two gunman who killed Gregory Smart are getting out of prison.”  Eleanor Pam’s segment starts at 16:30 into the program and runs to 23:10.

Guest co-host Ellis Henican referred to the controversy swirling around the airing of the documentary last evening.  Cosby, who has interviewed Pam at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility recounted that Pam was “a very different personality” than she had been led to expect from the press treatment of her.

Eleanor Pam is hoping that the movie will help change hearts and minds about the stereotype of who Pam is.

Pull-out quotes from the program:

People hate Pamela Smart… for the sin, not for the crime.

“The media has defined her.  She is…

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What I’m Watching Now: HBO’s ‘Captivated’ reveals why we love vilifying pretty girls

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Melissa Maerz has written What I’m Watching Now: HBO’s ‘Captivated’ reveals why we love vilifying pretty girls at Entertainment Weekly.  It’s a thoughtful piece about Pamela Smart’s trial, the film CAPTIVATED, and – as the title says – vilifying pretty girls, drawing parallels to Lindy Chamberlain, Cynthia Sommer, and Amanda Knox.  

Some quotes from the article:

Now, upon hearing the name “Pamela Smart,” your brain probably sorted through its file cabinet and plucked out this photo, recalling the 24-year-old blonde and her 1991 murder trial. I thought I knew all the details myself…  And now everyone knows the story by heart. Right?  Not so much. After watching Captivated, the only thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t know anything. And I’m not the only one: Even people involved in the case sometimes get the details wrong…

The most fascinating thing about the Smart case is that while she…

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