Please help release an innocent Pamela Smart

For those who are unfamiliar with Pame’s case, please note the following:  Pamela Smart, who was not present during the murder of her husband, Gregg, and has maintained her innocence for twenty (20) years, has a sentence of despair and one without hope–Life without the possibility of parole. 

As it stands now, she will never go before a parole board.  The teenagers who killed her husband, and admitted it, took plea bargains in exchange for falsely naming Pame as the “mastermind.”  Otherwise, they would be serving her sentence.  Instead, two are now released and the other two will be released in 2015 or sooner. 

Something is wrong with this picture. Pamela’s is not a wasted llife.  She has earned two master’s degrees with high honors while incarcerated and makes a difference in the lives of so many women she tutors, counsels and teaches on a daily basis.  She will not allow them to give up – nor will she. 

Despite being brutally attacked in prison, an unprovoked assault which required plastic surgery and the insertion of a metal plate in her face and additional surgery on her leg which causes daily pain, she continues to help others.  As she has many times in the past, she recently saved another inmate from committing suicide.  Her only path to freedom is with the help of the Governor of New Hampshire who has the power to reduce or commute her sentence. 

One wrongfully accused and unjustly convicted person is too many, especially if it’s someone you love.  Please consider signing the petition below to free yet one more innocent person.  Thank you. 



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Community groups remain concerned about the case of Marissa Alexander, a woman who was given quite a few years in prison for a situation in which it appeared that she had no other options.  Alexander received 20 years in prison after firing warning shots at a man who she believes had come to harm her. No one was hurt, but Alexander was still sent away for a very long time.

The incident took place in 2010 and Marissa says she was simply standing her ground in the state of Florida, where standing your ground appears to be legal.   But the judge said he had no choice but to give the woman 20 years in prison, even though she is the mother of three children.  The length of the sentence was due to the fact that she’d fired a gun while committing…

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Please help

For anyone interested in helping. Please send a note or card to Paula Stallworth #152246
Lowell Correctional Institution
11120 NW Gainesville Rd
Ocala, Florida 34482
She is in confinement and could really use some kind words of support. Thank you!