74-Year-Old Woman to Be Released From Prison After 32 Years


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Screams erupted from a Los Angeles courtroom Monday when a 74-year-old woman who spent the last 32 years in prison received a reduced sentence and was scheduled to be released.

jones Mary Virginia Jones, shown in a family photo, was set to be released from prison after serving 32 years for conviction on two murder charges, a judge ruled on March 24, 2014.

Mary Virginia Jones was convicted with first-degree murder without the possibility of parole in 1982 for her participation in the kidnapping and shooting of two men. On Monday, a judge reduced her sentence to voluntary manslaughter and time-served.

Family members in attendance at Monday’s hearing shouted following the ruling and were asked to “quiet down.”

“My mother never wavered on her belief of No. 1: her innocence, and the fact that she never should have been in custody,” Jones’ daughter, Demitra Jones-Goodie, said outside of the courthouse.

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Female prison in Oklahoma has highest rape rate in U.S.

News OK “McLOUD — Despite a federal report that found incidents of inmate-on-inmate sexual violence were double the national average at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, representatives from the prison declined to testify at an annual Department of Justice hearing on the matter Wednesday.

The 2012 Bureau of Justice Statistics report found 15.3 percent of the inmates surveyed at the female facility reported some form of sexual abuse or rape from another inmate. This rate was highest in the nation for female institutions.

The study was done as part of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a 2003 federal law aimed at identifying the causes of sexual victimization in prisons and the types of inmates who are most vulnerable.

“We found that the Mabel Bassett facility uniquely stood out as a high-rate facility,” said Allen Beck, a BJS statistician.

“There’s no question that what we’re observing here is a significant amount of physical force, pressure, and coercion are involved.”

The purpose of the hearings is to assist the bureau’s research by gaining insight from prison officials and administration on what policies and procedures work and which ones do not.

A higher than average proportion of undereducated inmates, those experiencing high levels of psychological stress or mental disorders, and offenders who identify as non-heterosexual are all contributing factors to the facility’s elevated levels of sexual victimization, Beck said.” Full Article on News OK