Thank you, 60,000 times, from Pamela Smart’s team of supporters

Pamela Smart

We had nearly 60,000 page-views of in August, and many offers of support and help.  Thank you!

If you are new to this site, please read as much of it as you can.  If you would like to make contact with Pamela Smart, her family and her supporters, please contact Dr. Elanor Pam through email.

We urge you to see the HBO documentary film, CAPTIVATED The Trials of Pamela Smart.  It does not advocate for guilt or innocence, but does examine the many irregularities of Pamela Smart’s trial, the role of the media in the trial verdict, and the unfairness of the sentencing.

And we urge you to sign the petition on, addressed to the New Hampshire governor and executive council, seeking a sentence reduction, commutation, or parole for Pamela Smart.

If you have other questions about this site you may address them to our webmaster.

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