What I’m Watching Now: HBO’s ‘Captivated’ reveals why we love vilifying pretty girls

Pamela Smart

Melissa Maerz has written What I’m Watching Now: HBO’s ‘Captivated’ reveals why we love vilifying pretty girls at Entertainment Weekly.  It’s a thoughtful piece about Pamela Smart’s trial, the film CAPTIVATED, and – as the title says – vilifying pretty girls, drawing parallels to Lindy Chamberlain, Cynthia Sommer, and Amanda Knox.  

Some quotes from the article:

Now, upon hearing the name “Pamela Smart,” your brain probably sorted through its file cabinet and plucked out this photo, recalling the 24-year-old blonde and her 1991 murder trial. I thought I knew all the details myself…  And now everyone knows the story by heart. Right?  Not so much. After watching Captivated, the only thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t know anything. And I’m not the only one: Even people involved in the case sometimes get the details wrong…

The most fascinating thing about the Smart case is that while she…

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