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My name is Mary Ellen and I have decided to write this blog to honor the women who are imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit or were wrongly sentenced. I myself, was one of those prisoners. I am an entrepreneur and started my own business many years ago only to find that the State of Florida would charge and convict me of a crime that was never committed. They say I didn’t register stocks in my privately held company which I believe never had to be registered. No criminal intent was ever present and the attorneys just said “Don’t worry” even as I was being escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs! I was convicted and served 5 years in maximum security prisons in Florida. It was there that I met these women. I am currently on probation and still have a few years left to complete my sentence. But this story isn’t about me. It is about the countless women I left behind and their stories.
I believe in my heart that I was divinely guided to serve this sentence in order to tell these stories. I am not angry but passionate to do something to make changes in a very broken justice system. You wouldn’t believe how easily women can wind up in prison in Florida. Most are victims of horrendous abuse. The laws are often archaic and reversely discriminate against women in an effort not to give them special privileges above men. But they are not men and they continue to be treated as if they were or worse. They work hard heavy labor in the hot Florida sun and are not fed the same portions as the men doing the same jobs. ( And, by the way, neither males or females get paid for their labor). These are not monsters. Most are women who were trying to protect themselves or their children and had no self defense laws in place to protect them. Some of them were convicted simply because they had knowledge of a crime and were threatened with their lives or the lives of their children if they said anything. I am not saying that there aren’t women who don’t belong in prison (and even they deserve humane treatment), but I know first hand how many truly don’t belong there or have served their time and deserve their freedom! It is my mission to make the public aware of these stories and to help make our correction system more rehabilitative and less punitive. Only then can we ever hope for a better society as a whole. We need to address the issues of poverty, abuse, and their affects on crime and change the system that fosters bad behavior into one where every person has a chance to live a successful life.

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  1. I would very much like to begin a dialog with you about the Pamela Smart case. Like you I am 100% convinced that she is absolutely innocent and I firmly believe her innocence can still be proven. I recently spoke to Ralph Welch’s mother, Carol. It was an EXTREMELY interesting conversation. It was a rather lengthy conversation so I cannot go into all of the details here however, one thing that Carol absolutely confirmed was that Cecelia Pierce’s latent fingerprints were found by police on the locking mechanisms of the basement doors of the Smart condo. As you know Flynn and Randall both testified that they entered the condo that night through the basement because they knew those doors were unlocked. Of course they lied and said that Pam unlocked the doors for them. It was in fact Cecelia Pierce who unlocked the basement doors for Flynn and the detectives on the case knew this. And the fact is, Randall and Lattime told Ralph Welch that Cecelia had unlocked the doors for Flynn and Welch in turn told the Derry detectives this in his videotaped interview of June 10, 1990.

    If you would like to discuss this further please email me at Carol had a lot to say and she revealed some very interesting information to me.

  2. ATTENTION! Pat Wollack is coming up for her second review for a conditional medical release please call and email in support of Pat’s release.DC#642941
    The Florida Commission on Offender Review offices are open and operational during normal business hours.
    Parole hearings, beginning on March 18, 2020 through the end of January 2021, will be held via conference call.
    There will be no in-person hearings during this time frame.
    Additional hearings for Conditional Medical Release (CMR) cases only will be held via conference call at 10 a.m. on
    October 21, November 10, November 25, December 10, December 22, and December 30.
    To participate in a hearing, call 1-877-309-2073 and dial code 337-350-165 when prompted.
    For questions and correspondence from inmate supporters, please email
    For questions and correspondence regarding victims’ rights, please email Prior to the hearing please call Inmate Supporter
    Toll Free Access:

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