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Darlie Routier- Guilty Of Innocence

Darlie Lynn Routier was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of one of her three sons, Damon Christian Routier. Her oldest son, Devon Rush Routier, was also brutally murdered. Her youngest son, Drake, was safe in his crib, upstairs with her husband. Evidence of Innocence has been found. Had this evidence been presented at trial, no jury would have ever convicted her. The evidence presented here is already public knowledge. A large deal of further evidence of innocence is being withheld for court appeal.

New evidence can also be found in DNA testing that needs to be done. DNA figures highly in a majority of Exonerations and DNA testing that was granted in 2008 is being done now on only a few items and we need to be able to conduct testing of all items at Federal level. We were not granted testing for the crucial items.

For us to be successful, we need the help of the public in the form of financial donations. Darlie Lynn’s family can no longer do this on their own. Please help us fight against a wrongful conviction. Watch this video, and others that will be appearing here. There are many working on Darlie’s case. Some of us work Pro Bono, some require to be paid (Forensic Experts, other Investigations people).

We will fight to the very end for Darlie’s life. Darlie has maintained her innocence since day one. The sad fact is that she is on Death Row awaiting a date with disaster….and she is telling the truth. The proof is there in many forms and Texas, soon, will no longer be free to deny Darlie her right to life and her freedom.

Ways to donate are near the end of the video, so please pause them and write the information down.

I thank you for watching and I think it goes without saying…

Thank you to those who have donated in the past and thank you to those who donate in the future. God Bless you all.