Greg Smart killer’s parole hearing set: WMUR story, and statement by Eleanor Pam

Originally posted on Pamela Smart:

WMUR broadcast this report about William Flynn’s March 12 parole hearing.  Eleanor Pam’s full statement about the upcoming parole hearing, which appears below, was also posted by WMUR along with its story.

“William Flynn is being given the opportunity to go before a parole board as he seeks early release from prison for the crime of murdering Gregg Smart in cold blood. Pamela Smart, who had no role in the murder and was 50 miles away at the time, has no such luxury. She is serving the draconian sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

“How can a self-confessed killer like Flynn perjure himself, blame Pamela Smart for his own actions, and then receive the benefits of freedom and a reclaimed life? How can he be rewarded while she is endlessly punished, incarcerated for the rest of her natural life?

“It is past time for the state of New Hampshire…

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Inmates Should Form a Union

Originally posted on Prison Uncensored - The Truth Behind the Bars:

Inmates should form a union.

Say that line and all manner of objections will arise. “Criminals should not say how they will live their punishment.” “This is a terrible idea – Guards and staff are in charge of the prison, not a bunch of illiterate scum bags.” On and on.

Stop a minute. Think of the idea. Recall the famous line: “Everything that rises, must converge.” It’s the title of the book Flannery O’Connor was working on when she died. But it has a philosophical meaning also – people or a group of people who rise up will converge or meet with the very people who opposed them. If a group of convicts struggle to change the rules they live under, they may or may not succeed. But they will learn what the staff, the guards, are like and they will come to respect them, even if they don’t agree…

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